Recommended Books

This is a fairly arbitrary set of books that we feel contributes to our knowledge of the current economy and the way to change it.  Is does not mean that Momentum Bristol endorses all the views expressed

Chang, Ha-Joon (2015), ‘Economics: The User’s Guide’

(Good general introduction to progressive economics from a Cambridge University lecturer)

Hutton, Will (2015), ‘How Good We Can Be’

(Typical Hutton; lots of good analysis of what is wrong and ideas of how it could work better; very light on how to achieve it)

Mazzucato, Mariana (2013), ‘The Entrepreneurial State’

(Debunks the idea that all technical progress and innovation to date has been through private enterprise. Shows the critical role of the US government and it’s agencies in the past)

Minsky, Hyman (2008), ‘John Maynard Keynes’

(A more specialist read. Separates Keynes from later Keynesians)

Murphy, Richard (2015) ‘The Joy of Tax’

(Essential reading, looking at tax from a totally fresh perspective. Also has a very succinct summary of the nature of bank money, how they just spin it out of thin air)

Shaxton, Nicholas (2012) ‘Treasure Islands’

(Readable account of the secrecy jurisdictions, aka Tax Havens)

Kay, John (2015) ‘Other Peoples Money’

An insider account of our dysfunctional financial system