Momentum Bristol Elections 2018

One thought on “Momentum Bristol Elections 2018

  1. Debbie Valentine

    I have attended several Momentum meetings and training sessions, and am impressed. It is shame, though that North Somerset seems to be forgotten about (several members weren’t sure where it was). I have been active in NSCLP for over a year and am currently acting Vice-Chair (Membership). I am retired but do not want to devote a lot more time to political activities, as I mind my grand-daughter a couple of days a week and want more time to pursue various arty hobbies (piano, learning violin / guitar, pottery and lino-cutting). I have a history of mental health problems when younger, but also trained and worked as a mental health staff nurse (forensic and community). I live in Backwell but am hoping to downsize to Clevedon shortly.

    I wondered whether the OG would consider creating a ex-officio role for someone (I’d volunteer) to attend OG meetings and liaise with NSCLP?

    (If not, I might consider applying (in the next hour!) but am not sure how much I’d have to offer, in terms of relevant skills, time and energy.)


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