Stunning Local Election Results

It’s clear from the recent local elections that Labour has made real progress since the 2015 General Election:

  • Labour has taken control of Bristol City Council with the best result for Labour for the past 15 years, winning 37 councillors
  • A new Labour mayor has been elected – Marvin Rees was decisively elected with 68,750 votes compared to George Ferguson’s 39,577 votes
  • Labour’s Kerry Barker came close to ousting his rival the Independent candidate Sue Mountstevens as the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Avon & Somerset – She won with a total of 118,547 votes. Labour’s Kerry Barker was second with 100,565 votes.


Despite negative comments in the main-stream media about the electability of Jeremy Corbyn, Labour won 58 of the councils in England compared with the Tories 38, and every one of the mayoral seats contested was won by Labour.


Labour has performed better than was predicted.  The BBC national vote share shows Labour has beaten the Tories on the overall share of the vote.


Labour has fought a strong campaign, working hard for every vote, standing up for working people who have been let down by a Tory Party which has shown that they can’t be trusted to stand up for working people.


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