Welcome to Momentum Bristol and the West of England

Momentum exists to increase participatory democracy, solidarity, and grassroots power and help Labour become the transformative governing party of the 21st century.



Momentum Bristol and the West grew from the hopes of a small group of newly enthused labour party members who wanted to build a local campaigning organisation to achieve transformational change for everyone in our country.

Momentum Bristol and the West is not part of the labour party, but we strongly support the policy agency and desire for new politics. Momentum is open to anyone who is either a member of the labour party or who is not a member of another political party.

Our politics:

  • The redistribution of wealth and power from the few to the many
  • Putting people and planet before profit and narrow corporate interests
  • Ending discrimination, advantage and privilege based on class
  • Targeting economic growth and ending austerity
  • Investing in sustainable jobs and reversing the privatisation of railways, the energy sector and public services
  • Establishing effective legal rights at work alongside strong collective bargaining to stamp out workplace injustice.
  • Ensuring decent homes for all in public and private sectors through a big house¬¨building programme and rent controls.
  • Supporting workers and their trade unions defending the interests of their members, families and communities.
  • Ending discrimination based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or age.

Our objectives:

  • To bring together individuals and groups in our workplaces and communities to campaign and organise on the issues that matter to us.
  • To organise inclusive public events and rallies in pursuit of a more democratic, equal and decent society.
  • To organise in Bristol and the West to secure the election of a progressive left Labour Party to create a mass movement for real transformative change.
  • To transform labour into a more open, member-led party, with socialist policies and the collective will to implement them in government.

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